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'DTMF Keypad for TP5089 encoder chip'
1998\03\26@120638 by Bill Kennedy

Dear Piclisteners,
   Does any one know where a DTMF keypad that connects a row and column
and ground together might be located?  I've been told that this is the
only thing that will work with a TP5089 encoder chip I'm trying use.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Bill Kennedy
Rochester, NY

1998\03\26@183522 by Max Toole

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I use the TP5089N DTMF generator and I am using a Digitran KL0054 keypad.  It
works fine.  A word of caution, however, the TP5089N is being end of lifed
soon, if it hasn't already.  If you are designing a new product for
production, you may want to look for an alternative for the device.

Good luck,
Max Toole,
Electronic Innovations, Inc.

1998\03\26@191924 by CCSystems

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At 06:33 PM 3/26/98 EST, Max Toole <spam_OUTMaxTooleTakeThisOuTspamAOL.COM> wrote:
>the TP5089N is being end of lifed soon, if it hasn't already

There should be plenty in the surplus warehouses.  Unless you're talking
about huge quantities you shouldn't have trouble finding enough.  Probably
get a good deal too.

Andrew Gerald
Custom Communications Systems


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