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'Cool PIC Project'
1998\12\31@081040 by Andy Kunz

*** Black box records cars' every move

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) - Lisa Warren thought she had it made. She was
16 and had her own sporty car. But before she had a chance to burn
rubber, her dad Mark and his electrical engineer colleagues at Ease
Simulation Inc. developed a way to make sure Lisa didn't become a
Junior Road Warrior. The result of their efforts was the AutoWatch, a
little black box that monitors a vehicle's onboard computers to
determine how the vehicle is being driven. In honor of Warren's
daughter, the device was originally called the NOL2000, short for
"Narc On Lisa." What does Lisa say about all this? "I hated it
because it told on me," said Lisa, now a wise 18-year-old. However,
she reluctantly adds the thing really worked. See

Andy Kunz - Statistical Research, Inc. - Westfield, New Jersey USA

1998\12\31@102701 by Darren Logan

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If one of these was in my car (Rover 220 Gti), it would need plenty of RAM to
store the violations in.


1998\12\31@114507 by Bob Blick

Neat idea(as long as I don't have one monitoring me!)

I haven't had much luck finding out any real information on OBD II(on
board diagnostics II) except that it is serial 12.9 Kbaud, and there are
two different signalling methods. I guess the SAE(society of automotive
engineers) is doing their typical thing, preventing people from getting
information, while at the same time perpetuating themselves. grrr. When
I'm king, I'll get rid of them, and also ISO. :-)

P.S. if anyone has any info on OBD II, please point me to it. I'd love to
make an OBDII-to-RS-232 converter.

1998\12\31@155833 by Ricardo Seixas

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Hi Bob,

       Try there's a lot of information.

Ricardo Seixas

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'Cool PIC Project'
1999\01\03@230849 by James Cameron
Andy Kunz wrote:
> *** Black box records cars' every move

My evolving speedometer 16F84 platform could be easily adapted to do
this.  Currently I have it working reliably only as a sampling unit, and
my Linux laptop calculates speed and lets me know when I approach the

Now I wish they had placed paint bar codes on the road for speed zones
and advisory signs.

James Cameron                                      (

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