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'Contract Work'
1999\04\15@124102 by Giovanni C

 Interested in knowing if there are any groups, or individuals
that would write a small program for a microchip part on a contract
type basis. I have an idea for a product but lack the firware skills
to program the pic.  Are there companies that provide this
service and are recommended.

Thank you,

1999\04\15@205000 by Oscarr7272

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Why don't you learn how to program the chip yourself?I am brand new to this
and I have a few ideas I would like to try out but am trying to learn as I
go.I purchased a book fro Square on called Easy Pic'n and it starts you out
as if you have no knowlege of this stuff .Just curious and not judgemental as
to why?

1999\04\16@140445 by Mcorio

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There are many companies that could help you. If you have not yet been
totally swamped by responses and are still looking for some help, please
review our web site for info about how we could help you. Thanks.
Mark A. Corio
Rochester MicroSystems, Inc.
200 Buell Road, Suite 9
Rochester, NY  14624
Tel: 716-328-5850
Fax: 716-328-1144
***** Designing Electronics for Research and Industry *****

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