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'Code protection revisited'
1997\05\27@134729 by mbonner

I don't remember this particular question being part of the thread a few
weeks back, and the archive site isn't responding.

I programmed a windowed 16c74 (I know it's not recommended and I don't
care if I have to throw it out or not) with code protection enabled.
I'm still able to read and save the hex file using the PICStart and its
associated PC software.  The saved hex file is about 20% smaller than
the original hex file I programmed into the device, so I assume that
it's corrupted in some way.

The question(s): is there any reason to be concerned?  Is any of the
code recoverable from the hex file I downloaded from the protected

- Matt

1997\05\27@164232 by mbonner

Andy Kunz wrote:
{Quote hidden}

Further info: I _am_ using a C compiler.  The original embedded code
works fine in a code protected device.  I can download the code from the
protected device and program it into a second device.  That code does
_not_ run.  If nothing can be disassembled from the downloaded protected
code, that's fine.  I guess I'm surprised that I can download anything
at all from a protected device (instead of just FFs or 00s).

Paranoidly yours, Matt

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