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'Code Portability ?'
1997\02\22@002339 by jandi

Hello All,
       I've been reading over the Easy PIC'n book and the impression he gives i
s that
the 16C54 and the 16C84 use basicly the same instruction set. Does that mean
that code
written for the 54 will work in the 84 ??
       The reason I'm asking is I want to use some of the  applications on
Microchip's web site for the 54 in my 84. Will it work ??
       On a simular subject..can the 54 be programmed by the same programmer th
at I'm
using for the 84 ?? ( It's DonTronics parallel port 7407 PNP type programmer ).
       I realize that it's an EPROM part and not an EEPROM so I would need a UV
eraser to program it more than once.
       Thanks !

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