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1999\02\08@153308 by rideout

Can someone tell me what these mean:
1) equ EX/    Baud_1 equ    68
2) RES    EX/    Rcv  RES    1

J. Rideout

1999\02\08@155831 by mwestfal

rideout wrote:
> Can someone tell me what these mean:
> 1) equ EX/    Baud_1 equ    68

EQU means replace whats on the left side of it with what's on the
right side of it before assembling, so in the example you give, anywhere
in your program that "Baud_1" occurs, it will be replace with "68" when you
run the assembler.

> 2) RES    EX/    Rcv  RES    1

This means reserve this many bytes of ram and use the label on the left side
to refer to the address of the first byte reserved. In your example, the
intention is probably to reserve a byte of RAM as a variable named "Rcv". As
in the first example, anywhere "Rcv" occurs in your program, it will be
replaced by the address of the reserved byte when you assemble.

Mike       N6KUY
Linux religious dogma: "The Gates of Hell shall not prevail."

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