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PICList Thread
'Cheaper PICs ! Beware'
1999\04\20@051231 by Tjaart van der Walt

Julian Fine wrote:
> Hi All,
> Beware of cheaper pic's. We burnt our fingers badly when we were offered the
> 12C509A as a cheaper 12C509, Only problem is the 12C509A DOES NOT WORK.
>          Julian Fine
>    Eagle Wireless Security

This is interesting. Usually the silicon shrink/bugfix
parts (suffix A,B,C etc) are better (apart from slightly
cheaper) than the original.

What exactly went wrong? We use the 12C508, so a problem
introduced into the A part is of importance to us.

Friendly Regards          /"\
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1999\04\20@085022 by Julian Fine

Hi Tjaart
First the mplab needed updating then it crashed and needded a patch for
mpasmwin then Mark the Faak was running his computer on a date of 2099
instead of 1999 and mpasmwin stops working at 2029. Then the program ran at
a different speed even after the new assebler format for the 509a.
Thereafter we gave up and went back to the normal 509 until someone has the
time to help us dimwits right.
The point is that the software for 509 will not run on 509a unless re
written at OUR cost.

        Julian Fine
  Eagle Wireless Security

{Original Message removed}

1999\04\20@113505 by Kevin Fisk

So, would it be accurate to say that it may not necassarily be the 509A
but the software (mpasmwin)? Doesn't make it any more useful, but I
wanted to clarify the exact problem.



Julian Fine wrote:
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> {Original Message removed}

1999\04\20@115553 by Dwayne Reid

>The point is that the software for 509 will not run on 509a unless re
>written at OUR cost.

I can not speak about the '509, but all products that I migrated from the
'508 to the '508A worked flawlessly with NO code changes.  I didn't even
re-compile (I was told I didn't need to).  Several thousand units from at
least 3 or 4 different lots (different date codes).


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1999\04\20@140720 by Zack Cilliers

Hi There!

As far as i can remember witch is not far, there was a problem with
the 508  or  509 with a certain date stamp. This info is available on a site
that makes mod chips for Sony playstations.

As i said my memory is short so i can't remember the site, i
am sure some piclister can give the site address if anybody
was interested.

SO it seems MC can screw things up.



One regrets more the things that you
did not do than the things you did do.

{Original Message removed}

1999\04\20@150925 by Julian Fine

Maybe you were lucky I still believe South Africa is The dumping ground.
This may insult Microchip but we have had 555 timers and 4013 cmos from
Samsung and Goldstar with nothing inside but a blank space.
************* Julian Fine ***********
********** ********
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{Original Message removed}

1999\04\20@151255 by Julian Fine

Hi Kevin,
There may be a problem with the software but we use 56,57,711,63 and 73's
and all is fine with them.
************* Julian Fine ***********
********** ********
******* *******
** **

-----Original Message-----
From: Kevin Fisk <@spam@kfiskKILLspamspamWKPOWERLINK.COM>
Date: 20 April 1999 06:31
Subject: Re: Cheaper PICs ! Beware

>So, would it be accurate to say that it may not necassarily be the 509A
>but the software (mpasmwin)? Doesn't make it any more useful, but I
>wanted to clarify the exact problem.

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