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'Case statement macro'
1997\03\17@145548 by mike

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I need a case statement in my application and because it is
so repetetive am looking to implement it as a macro.

The basic blocks of the case look like:

 movlw  CmdA
 xorwf  RX_Cmd, w
 goto   doCmdA

 movlw  CmdB
 xorwf  RX_Cmd, w
 goto   doCmdB


CmdA and CmdB are constant values defined elsewhere. RX_Cmd is a
command which this PIC needs to execute received from another
processor. There may be a couple of dozen commands randomly
scattered across the 256 bit combinations (I have no control
over that) so a jump table is not an option.

I would like to code each section into a macro a bit like this:

_case macro cmd
 movlw  cmd
 xorwf  RX_Cmd, w
 goto   ***  this is where I get stuck

What I would like to do here is put a line like:

 goto  "do"+cmd

but this doesn't work.

Are there any string manipulation operators in the MPASM macro language
that I can use?


Mike Watson

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