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'CCS I2C problem'
1999\04\20@014305 by e Varga

Hi, Folks,

I wanted to use the CCS I2C routin but I had a little problem.
I wanted to poll a LM75 temperature sensor IC and it doesn't work.
I tryed the circuit with PBP and asembler and it worked fine.
When I run this program I get 255 instead of the room temperature.
Did I make a mistake or the hardware does't fit to the CCS.

# include <16C84.h>
# use delay (clock=4000000)
# use rs232(baud=1200,xmit=pin_b4,invert)
#use i2c(master,sda=pin_a0,scl=pin_a1, slow)

int h,l
   printf("temp %u %u \n\r",h,l);
   goto ide;

Thanks George

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