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PICList Thread
'C Compiler Wanted'
1998\10\12@063505 by Russell McMahon

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Does anyone have a PIC C compiler they wish to sell (or perhaps some
other language?) - someone may have moved on to brighter and better
things and have the old one gathering dust. Someone may wish to
advise of a freeware product that is entirely usable but it would
have to be stable and complete enough to be able to be used
moderately seriously.

I'm not after a copy of a commercial product - I want something that
can be resold legitimately.

Please reply directly to me - I'll post anything of interest &
relevance which is in the freeware area.

My PIC programming to date has been either in assembler and/or
PICBasic. I may buy the CCS C but thought I'd inquire here first. PIC
isn't the only processor I use and I don't want to spend the asking
price for the latest and best "fully ANSI compatible ..." variants
(not yet anyway). Yes, I've read what people say about the various
products in use and realise that, to some extent, you get what you
pay for.


       Russell McMahon

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