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'BCD to Hex conversion'
1999\02\21@231524 by PDRUNEN

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Hi Group,

Many thanks for the 4 keypad digit into 12 bits help!  It looks like that
thread is taking
on a new meaning.

One of the suggestions was to convert the BCD value into a Hex value so I
could get more combination, not that I get all because I really need 14 bits
to get 4 keypad digits.

So what is the best PICing way to do this?  i.e. for example the 10 which is
0001 0000 converted into 0000 1010 which is 0A?

Thanks again Group!


1999\02\22@103529 by Dave Evans

Microchip Application Note AN526 includes
(in Appendix F) a routine to convert
a packed 5-digit BCD number to a
16-bit binary value. I changed the
processor type from 16c54 to 16f84,
and changed the program origin from
0x1ff to 0. It assembles with MPASM,
and simulates with MPSIM. Like other
Microchip Application Notes, I find
that the code looks good, works good.

If you can't get the App Note, I will
e-mail it to you privately.

Good Luck!

Dave, KW7X

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