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'Assembly code.'
1998\03\01@143706 by Don McKenzie

face wrote:
> I have been trying for some time on how to program 16c84 , ihave not
> got
> any problems with getting the code into the device but writing the
> assembler codes.    I did not have any problem with 8080 z80 or 6502
> chips but this little beast has really stalled my thinking equipment.
> any suggestions welcome    bi bi 4 now fred   ( a voice from over my
> shoulder thinks that i have got a cheek ) bi bi

A lot of users have had good success with the parallax assembler when
faced with brain fade on the microchip mnemonics. You will find this on
the parallax site, linked from:

Having used all of the above micros and assembly code myself, I was
slowed by the MC native code, and put it down to my accumulation of too
many years in the game, and switched from projects to sales, perhaps in
hindsight, prematurely.

Don McKenzie

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