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'Anticollision algorithm'
2006\02\11@103526 by andrew kelley

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If they don't have receivers built into the modules, you're pretty up
a creek without a paddle (well unless you add a receiver to each
module which increases the cost), but you could make your information
protocol have an Sequence number field and randomly adjust the
interval between packets.  Also you can transmit every packet twice
with the same sequence number so the controller doesn't get confused
or think its seen two packets.

if newseq <= curseq dump packet
if newseq > lastseq keep packet

If the chips do have receievers, make the sensors transmit, then if it
doesnt hear an Acknowledge (with unit #) back within X ms then
retransmit.  You could also decide if the information needs to be
retransmitted as is or if you want to wait for an update.


On 2/11/06, Dumitru Stama <> wrote:
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2006\02\11@103628 by andrew kelley

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Sorry to reply again,

But if its a security sensor, and the sensor is tripped, just
continually broadcast that its tripped.


On 2/11/06, andrew kelley <> wrote:
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