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PICList Thread
'Answer me please'
1995\08\16@173300 by Mike Keitz


(1)  Is there a simple PC-based programmer for the 16C5x's, using one or
more parallel ports?  I remember of one, but it required a programmed PIC,
which in addition to being a logistical problem, would increase the cost.
Presumably this could work on 71's and the 6x series as well.

(2)  Does the OPTION instruction clear or otherwise affect the RTCC
prescaler?  The data sheets are not clear on this.  Any further information
on the exact implementation of the prescaler would be welcome as well.  I'm
assuming it is a ripple counter with an 8:1 multiplexer controlled by the
OPTION setting, so the unused bits will continue to count regardless of the

[PICLIST purists may stop reading now.  The rest is a SPAM-related rant.]
"jack" wrote:

> To Over 1,500,000 Internet Subscribers
>With Your Advertising Message.
[Incredible SPAM deleted]

Sorry fellow PICLISTers, I tried the "RUB-OUT" key, but apparently it
doesn't work on "Jeff", "jack", or "allen" the way I think it should. (There
apparently are not technical solutions to this kind of stuff, the
"BRIGHTNESS" dial on my TV doesn't work the way it ought to on network
sitcoms either).  He has (boastfully) gotten a bit more street-wise since
his last campaign, but still doesn't have a clue (and, I would imagine, not
a sale either).  I think the ISPs involved will be coming after him shortly
with not-so-frivolous law suits, since his antics are costing them real
money.  His offer contains a disclaimer against disaster (seriouly, anoyone
who hired his "service" would loose *all* credibility on the net) but not
suprisingly *no* guarantee of success.  And if this is just someone
trolling, I think it's about time they quit.


And it's not over yet...

If it wasn't so damn hot this time of year, I'd suggest a road trip to
Albuquerque, although since he can't always spell the name of his purported
hometown I really don't know if anyone would be home.  But still...

>Oh REALLY,  SOB ... SOB ... I am very sorry! I am new and I
>didn't know I couldn't do that ... SOB ... please don't shut me off ...

would sound so satisfyingly pathetic out in the lonely desert from his
crumpled body in the center of a mob of torch-bearing geeks.  As if his life
depended on it.  Because it did.  But we'd know it was just "dribble".
Something Jeff probably is very familiar with.

Speaking of "hot", I wonder what opened and sliced SPAM (grocery store type)
smells like at the Mail Boxes Etc. (or Slaton's possible home address,
copied here from a previous post for reference) after a week or so bumping
across the Southwest by 4th Class Mail?  Any such SPAM should be shipped in
a plain envelope marked "Important Information", "Business Proposition",
"Had Lunch Yet?", etc. to avoid raising suspicion.  Maggots or other vermin
would be a nice touch, though not essential.

>Jeff Slaton
>6808 Truchas Dr. NE
>Albq., New Mexico 87109

>Jeff Slaton
>5901 J Wyoming Bld N E  Suite #284
>Albq.,  NM  87109

Disclaimer:  Veiled threats of violence above are a delightful fantasy, not
to be carried out.  My character is worth considerably more than $18.00.


1995\08\21@231349 by Paul Christenson [N3EOP]

>I think I may have just accidently sent a copy of this message back to the
>list while trying to send it to the  To all those
>I just annoyed again, I apologize.

One thing that is VERY effective is to send a copy of your complaint (and
include the offending article, of course) to the administrative contact for
the site.  You can get that info from whois.  If whois is not available at
your site, you can telnet to and use theirs.

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