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'ADC questions'
1998\08\16@191053 by n/a

I have a need for measuring voltages between 4 & 6V DC. Does anyone have
any pointers so I can get started. The reason behind this is to measure
voltage and temperature inside my PC. I've been having trouble with
voltages on my PC and would like to shutdown the system when things get
way out of line.

The 16F84 will communicate with the PC via RS232, it will use a DS1802
and an LTC1298 ADC. The ADC is already on a Micromint PICSTICK I have.


Neil Cherry

1998\08\16@214442 by Ricardo Seixas

picon face
       Dallas has a chip that was built exactly for this, it's the DS1780,
check it out at

Ricardo Seixas

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1998\08\17@122055 by andre

this is what I would do.
instead of using 84 and ltc1298  use pic16c(71)or 711

setup reference voltage ( external  connect  to  +6 v )
when analog input voltage =  4  your ADC adres register = 0x40 (64) I think
when analog input voltage = 6  your ADC adres register = 0xFF (255)
you can use XOR or SUB even bit test instructions to determine start and end

I also have that little board with real time clock and ADC chip on it
the thing is why use 2 chips if you can use just one. you can still use
the same board  without ADC chip.
a few weeks ago I have done a project with pressure sensors which is
similar to what you are trying to do except when the pressure reaches to
50 PSI turns the timer on.Total sensors I had 6 I used 2 ( 71 )

Andre Abelian

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1998\08\17@233802 by eric

Hi, Neil,

National Semiconductors has a new chip that will just do what you want, in
fact more than you want.  It is the LM80 - serial interface microprocessor
system haardware monitor. It has a temperature sensor, fan speed controller
built-in and accepts 7 voltage inputs.  One of the input can be negative
voltage, too.  The chip works on i2c bus.

Hope this helps.


Neil wrote:

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