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'A useful one button PIC project'
1999\04\28@154725 by Adam Bryant

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Last night I put together a very useful, one button 12C509 device.  I
build R/C airplanes and the device I put together is a servo cycler (for
want of a better term).  You plug a battery pack in one end and a servo
in the other.  In its normal operation the device just sits there sending
out 1.5ms pulses at 50Hz to center the servo and waits for the button to
be pressed.  When you push the button it sends out 1ms pulses for 3
seconds (to move the servo to one of its extremes), then sends out 2ms
pulses for 3 seconds (to move the servo to its other extreme), then it
returns to sending out 1.5ms pulses and waiting for the button.  This
device should be very helpful when installing radio equipment in

Very low parts count, 12C508 or 509 (using the internal RC oscillator),
momentary N.O. switch, 10K resistor (switch pullup), connectors for your
favorite R/C equipment, and a small piece of perfboard.

Email me privately if you are interested and I will email the code and an
ASCII drawing of the circuit.

Adam Bryant (age 0x23) (work) (home)
Parker, CO, USA
Robotics, RC Airplanes, anything using a PIC

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