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PICList Thread
'A call for intelligence'
1997\02\12@125111 by Michael Giuggio

I am beginning  work with PICs and have some early rocky roads.

Target PIC: 16C84
     Construction of Programmer:
     Based on Schematic Pic Programmer v3 by SG Willis 8.13.95
     (D0-D3 on parallel port, 7406 inverting buffers)
     A (modification of?) D. Tait's Design.
    Programming Software: PIC84PGM v1.05 by Nigel Goodwin

Unfortunately the end result is programming errors echoed back when I
attempt to program.
Error occurs immediately at DataLocation: 0.

Discrete questions:
 1.  Why does it not work, (i.e. why am I clueless),
 2. How should .cfg file for pgmming s/w be configured?
 3.  Is the CodeProtect for the 16F84 inverted relative to the 16C84?

Info is much appreciated....I hope I can return the favor at a later date.


1997\02\13@042220 by David BALDWIN

Michael Giuggio wrote:
{Quote hidden}

       Why don't you try the PIP02 software programmer? Are you sure
the HW is doing its job? If not, send me the schematic and I'll help
you make this work (I too did a programmer based on Tait's schematic,
that's working fine.)


   \           /                   David BALDWIN
    \ ALCATEL /                   Design engineer
      \     /            SdM (Societe de Microelectronique)
       \   /
        \ /         B.P. 4205            Phone  : +32 (0)71 442932
         V          B-6000 Charleroi     Fax    : +32 (0)71 442905
                    (Belgium)            E-mail :

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