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'A bit off = NiFe cells.'
1998\05\23@184937 by paulb

marcel wrote:

> Alkaloid battery's very big from Russian army does anyone know how to
> maintain them.  They are 5 cell's 24 volt's iron casing and have a
> refill plug on top with a rubber valve to release gas pressure.

 You would appear to be describing a Russian version of NiFe cells;
Nickel Iron Alkaline storage batteries.  Lighter than Lead Acid, can
last for decades if well built.

> How do we find out what alkaloid is used an can we refill them with
> sterilized water

 Electrolyte is Potassium Hydroxide.  Possibly should be replaced every
ten years, but unless spilt only requires topping up with de-ionised
water ("Sterilised" = distilled water is much the same).  They do gas on
overcharge, so this is to be expected.

       Paul B.

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