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'A Java version of your clock'
1999\01\06@010918 by Tjaart van der Walt

part 0 1984 bytes content-type:text/plainHi there Bob!

I thought you may like to put this on you web page.
Add this HTML section into your page :

<p align="center">
<applet CODE="Clock3D.class" WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="50">
 <param name="fps" value="8">
 <param name="a1" value="12500">
 <param name="pixd" value="20">
 <param name="pixangle" value="4">
 <param name="radius" value="15">
 <param name="roty" value="-4">
 <param name="rotx" value="0">
 <param name="rotz" value="0">
 <param name="irotx" value="0">
 <param name="iroty" value="0">
 <param name="irotz" value="00">
 <param name="style" value="1">
 <param name="color" value="#FF0000">

... and make sure the .class file (attached) is present in the directory.


Friendly Regards          /"\
                         \ /
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Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name=3D"Clock3D.class"
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=3D"Clock3D.class"

Attachment converted: wonderland:3D (????/----) (00025308)

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