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'97 Seminar schedule'
1997\03\06@032705 by Kurt Kuhlmann

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    April      29      Chicago and Dayton
    May        1       Minneapolis and Indianapolis
    May        5       Cambridge and San Jose
    May        8       Waterbury and Vancouver
    May        13      Long Island and St. Louis and Buenos Aires
    May        15      Fairfield and Kansas City and Sao Paulo
    May        20      Denver
    May        22      Salt Lake City
    May        28      Irvine and Toronto
    May        29      Westlake and Montreal
    June       3       Milwaukee and Columbia
    June       5       Pittsburg and Philadelphia
    June       10      Portland and Dallas and Waltham
    June       12      Seattle and Houston and Rochester
    June       17      Cleveland and San Diego
    June       19      Detroit and Pheonix
    June       24      Ottowa and Atlanta
    June       26      Calgary and Orlando
    July       8       Guadalajara
    July       9       Mexico City
    July       10      Monterrey

    Tentative dates.

    -Kurt Kuhlmann
    Microchip FAE

1997\03\06@172216 by Robert Lunn

>     April      29      Chicago and Dayton
>     May        1       Minneapolis and Indianapolis
> snip....
>     July       9       Mexico City
>     July       10      Monterrey

       Thanks, Kurt.  Could you please post the dates for Asia-Pacific
       and Europe?


1997\03\07@154047 by Andy Kunz


Would you be so kind as to include states for the US cities, please?  There
are several Waterburys, Fairfields, Columbias that I know of.  Also, where
on Long Island (it's a BIG place)?



At 03:08 PM 3/5/97 -0700, you wrote:
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Andy Kunz - Montana Design - 409 S 6th St - Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
         Hardware & Software for Industry & R/C Hobbies
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1997\03\09@130323 by Andre Abelian

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What  about  los Angeles

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