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'16HV540 and 16F87X INFO.'
1999\01\26@170819 by Steven Kosmerchock

I just got off the phone with MCHIPs tech support and it seems that support
for this device (hardware/software) will not be coming anytime soon :-0. I was
told that the PICStart Plus can program these "It should be in the device
selection screen for the PICStart Plus". After convincing the tech support
that I'm not crazy because I "can't find it", they realized that hey "we didn't
include it in the MPLAB 4.00, OOOOOOPS!" So if there are people out there
like myself that were looking forward to programming this neat little device,
don't hold your breath!!! I was told that maybe if I select the 16c54, maybe
that will work!Oh by the way, you need to upgrade your firmware
to program the PIC16F87X parts coming out "soon". I beleive it needs to be
upgraded to version 1.50.02 or 1.50.2. Just thought I'd let you all know what's
going on in the world of PIC's!!

Best regards,

Steven Kosmerchock
Engineering technician/Student
Phoenix   Arizona   USA

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