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'16F84 port latchup when controlling motors?'
1999\04\16@014137 by jcline

Hi all,

I'm having a BAD time with my project.  I've discovered that random
output pins are misbehaving at random times!  I'm controlling motors
(r/c servos, three of them) and a serial peripheral.  Everything will
work fine and suddenly a couple output pins stop functioning, while
other output pins still behave properly.  (Example: the PIC-generated
serial clock will continue to toggle but the servo control pins will be
dead, or the serial pins will stop outputting but the servo control
pins will keep pulsing.)

This is really one of those problems that makes people lose hair.
By tearing it out.

My logic power supply is clean -- driving it with seperate batteries
than the motors' supply.  This is reminiscent of CMOS latchup which I've
only run into once a long time ago.  The CPU is on a tightly integrated
copper protoboard with soldered connections.  Sometimes the
entire system will work fine -- once -- and then after a reset or
power on/off it will not.

Any suggestions for saving my sanity are appreciated!


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