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'14000 code - AAARRRGGG!'
1999\01\24@104222 by William M. Smithers

Now I *am* truly pulling my hair out.  After finding
that the on-board oscillator on the 14000 varies considerably
from chip to chip, I rewrote my synchronous serial port code
to establish its timing from the on-board clock calibration
constant.  I've got the serial output going on on pion3 of PORT A,
and that's the only pin of PORTA I'm using.  The serial pin writes
to a 9600b serial LCD for debugging.

I wrote a function putch() to output a character, and putstr()
to dump a string.

It all works absolutely perfectly in the test main() I put
together, but when I plug the functions into my real application code,
it works 1 in 20 times (of applying power).  When it doesn't work,
the pin just goes low and stays there.

I'm definitely not tromping TRISA or anything in the rest
of the code, and I've been trying to fix this for three
days now...

"Life is a meritocracy"

1999\01\24@173710 by Jim Robertson

Make sure your programmer is a good one. The 14000 has trim bits in the
config word that must be saved and merged each time the part is

Not all programmers do this and vital calibration information is lost.

Check that your calibration files contain a saved config word. B1 and B6
are the important bits and you may see differences between devices.


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Jim Robertson

1999\01\25@070642 by Morgan Olsson

picon face
Maybe bad power-on?

Try to reset it manually (with power applied)

I finally used a external power up and brow out reset ckt to my


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