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'12C509 fuses'
1999\03\04@144257 by Jack Shidemantle

I'm still new to this stuff so I need assistance in the configuration
fuses. I've been setting these using the programmer software but, I
seem to recall you can do this in the assembly code.
I want to set:  int osc, wdt off, powerup reset disabled
Can someone tell me how to list this configuration line in the code?

Thanks in advance

Jack Shidemantle
Automation & Development Engineer

1999\03\04@212141 by Jim Robertson

At 14:46 4/03/99 -0500, you wrote:


^^ Two underscores, this is vital.

Check your .INC file. INT_OSC might be _INTRC_OSC depending on the
"vintage" of the .INC file.


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Jim Robertson
MPLAB compatible PIC programmers and firmware
upgrades for many programmers.

1999\03\04@221906 by Clark, John

picon face
You do this with the __CONFIG directive:

_MCLRE_ON                    EQU     H'0FFF'
_MCLRE_OFF                   EQU     H'0FEF'
_CP_ON                       EQU     H'0FF7'
_CP_OFF                      EQU     H'0FFF'
_WDT_ON                      EQU     H'0FFF'
_WDT_OFF                     EQU     H'0FFB'
_LP_OSC                      EQU     H'0FFC'
_XT_OSC                      EQU     H'0FFD'
_IntRC_OSC                   EQU     H'0FFE'
_ExtRC_OSC                   EQU     H'0FFF'


John Clark, Software Engineer
(317) 715-8175

Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
3500 DePauw Blvd., Suite 1060
Indianapolis, IN  46268-1136

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