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']Re:] How to prevent light bulb theft in airport r'
1998\05\20@090320 by Joe Little

    Switch over to 220V light bulbs.  Thieves won't come back when they find
    the bulbs won't work at home. Probably only a few thieves.

    Detecting burned out bulbs requires a monitor.  Measuring current and
    sounding alarm with each sudden drop may work for small number of bulbs per
    circuit.  Looking for 5% change (20 bulb string) is easy.  Trying to detect
    1% spike (100 bulbs) in environment with lightning, power surges, RFI.....
    That could get challenging.
    Except for expense, you could put a current monitor in each lamp fixture.
    Poll each lamp via X-10 type communication.

    That's it, I have to come up with a solution. On small airports, people
    steal light bulbs from the runway. How to prevent (detect) it ? And maybe
    detect burn-out bulbs as well ?
    Thanks in advance.

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