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'[sxtech] Surface mount components'
2000\07\13@142439 by sxtech

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Well, now that I've successfully created a circuit board using the
expose/develop/etch method, I want to try my hand using surface mount parts.
I successfully soldered a SM chip in a SOIC package (I think it was SOIC) to
a premade board I had (surf board) and would like to begin usin SM parts on
the circuit boards I make.

Problem I currently have is not knowing what the physical dimensions are of
the various surface mount packages of passive components such as resistors.
I was out shopping this morning and saw devices listed as being in a 603 and
1206 package (and one that started with an 8, but don't remember the rest),
but am not sure what I really want to order since I don't know how big each
package is.

The other thing I ran into is that Allied only sells SM resistors in reels
of 5000!  While $17 is not out of my budget, I just really don't need 5k
resistors hanging around.  Where do you guys go for hobby quantify of
surface mount parts such as resistors and capacitors?  I need to start my
collection of SM parts; everything I have now is all through hole.

Any information is appreciated.

-- Mitch

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