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'[ot]Motion WWW Site'
1999\04\27@165230 by Fansler, David

I get a free mag called PT Motion that deals with, what else, motion and
motion control.  They have some interesting articles, and also have a web
site that covers some of the same material.  On article of interest this
month was called "Twenty Minute Tune Up".  This deals with PID and the
theory behind it and some tips on how to use it.  They have a free program
to download that lets you play with PID system and tune for proper

The web site is free and you can subscribe to the magazine there as well.
Last month had an article "taking a bite out of backlash"

The web site is
<> .   Check it out if you deal with
motion control systems.

David V. Fansler
Network Administrator
AutoCyte, Inc.
800-426-2176 Ext. 261 <>
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