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'[ot] Re: How to Stop cellular phones ?'
1998\11\23@194735 by Harold Hallikainen

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On Mon, 23 Nov 1998 15:23:34 -0800 Lee Jones <spam_OUTleeTakeThisOuTspamFRUMBLE.CLAREMONT.EDU>

>I use as a good starting point for
>entry to United States legal documentation.

       Cornell's site is EXCELLENT!  You may also want to look at for FCC Rules.  The rules are available
in hypertext and pdf formats, include links to previous year versions of
the rules, include (some) links to the Federal Register history of the
rule, and include search mechanisms to search the Federal Register and
the FCC web site for cites of a particular rule.


Harold Hallikainen
Hallikainen & Friends, Inc.
See the FCC Rules at and comments filed
in LPFM proceeding at

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