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PICList Thread
'[ot]:spam from pace'
2001\01\22@231555 by Scott Dattalo

Am I'm the only one still getting this? Ever since this was reported on the list
a few weeks back I've been getting spam from these bastards daily. What's ironic
is that I can't even read it! (One of the benefits of Pine.)


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2001\01\22@232454 by Jinx

face picon face
Never seen it here at all

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2001\01\23@175816 by Peter L. Peres

picon face
I don't see it and you can avoid it too, if you set a procmail (or other)
filter to reject all BCC'd to you postings unless they come from a list
you are subscribed to. This cuts down spam drastically (80% or more spam
is CC's or BCC'd. That which is not is usually send-once spam, the people
who send it can't afford to send personal email to 100000 unresponding
addresses that many times). In general, use three steps to set up spam

1. Allow any mail addresed directly to you (you in To: field).
2. Allow any mail coming from specified interesting addresses (like
mailing lists or newsletters you are subscribed to).
3. Deny everything else.


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