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'[SX]: looking for parallax mnemonic reference manu'
2001\03\20@150048 by Thomas Robert de Massy

   I saw that SASM support parallax's SX mnemonic. Where can I find a
parallax SX mnemonic reference manual ? I only found SX-Key manual on
parallax's site, should I use these mnemonic ? is SASM 100% compatible with
parallax ? can we mix SCENIX mnemonic with parallax in a program ? for
exemple I would like to use a library writen in SCENIX mnemonic in a program
writen in parallax.

Thanks in advance

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2001\03\20@153058 by Stephen Holland


Just to clarify, SASM supports Ubicom's (formerly Scenix) SX mnemonic, and
has added supported for all of the [known] Parallax macro instruction
mnemonics. I'm not sure what you mean when you say, 'mixing Scenix mnemonic
with Parallax'...

Both assemblers are 100% compatible for native instructions. Parallax still
goes their own way with some of the assembler and tool specific directives
(ie. device directives, macros, etc.) and operators, so you'll need to
consult the SX-Key manual for Parallax, and the SASM User's Manual for SASM.
All of the code on the Ubicom website give the user the ability to choose
the assembler being used, so you could consult the code as well to get some


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2001\03\20@153851 by Thomas Robert de Massy

I'm a bit confuse with the difference between Ubicom's SX mnemonic and
Parallax mnemonic, only the macro instruction are different ? are standard
instructions like MOV the same ? I thought that parallax have more standard

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2001\03\21@123212 by Stephen Holland

The PIC mnemonics and Parallax mnemonics are different, but Ubicom (Scenix)
didn't bother to use PIC-like mnemonics at all and just went for 8051-like
(which Parallax also uses) mnemonics as they are much, much easier for
people to understand.

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