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PICList Thread
2002\05\15@133747 by jamesnewton

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Three entries for April and all three are winners!

No entries yet for May and we are half way through the month! It's not a
hard contest folks, just get some code ready to debug.

I'm noticing that most of the entries have been for complete designs
(hardware, full software, etc...) but you don't need to do that much; just
write some good code that does something not already covered on the site. The code doesn't have to be perfect, just close. If you
win, you will have a dev system and debugger to work out the kinks. I do ask
that you stay in touch after winnings and email me updates as you find / fix
bugs or add new features.

If you are doing a hardware design, you might also be interested in the
PICList free PCB contest at where you can submit a board design and
get it made free of charge by a very professional board house: These are top quality double sided boards with solder
mask, silk-screen and plated through holes. What an excellent way to make
your design into reality without spending any money! You only have to take
the time to learn the board layout software which is a marketable skill in
itself! Last month NO ONE ENTERED! And there are still no entries for this
month. Wow.


April Entries:
- SX controlled
3 stepping motor controller: Jordan Anderson [esp at] The end
usage is camera movement control(maybe ;). Each motor only requires a 2 pin
control. The setup also has a coarse/fine adjustment which changes the
behavior of the steppers. The standard setting is that each cycle when a
movement switch is depressed the motor will do 5 full step sequences, when
the cf button and movement are selected the motor(s) will complete only 1
step.  The controller has the ability to move all three motors
simultaneously (within a few micro seconds)in any combination of directions.
The step sequence will not be affected if both directions were to be
selected at the same time.

- SX On-hold messaging switch:
Troy Duncan of Cable and Wireless Jamaica [tduncan2 at] The SX
On-hold Messaging switch device adds a level of flexibility to any company
that has a PBX and wants to add Message or music on hold features, they
would be able to play different music or messages depending on which
external telephone line a call is on;

- SX Weather Station: Lyle
Aubrey [lyleaubrey at] The Station is designed to include
Wind-speed and Direction,  A Temperature sensor, a Barometric-pressure
sensor, a Humidity sensor, and a Rain-guage sensor. It is intended to be
built as a portable module to link up to an Ethernet cable and place on the
porch (for example). This would give the User a quick reference to outside
weather conditions (via an indoor PC), and allow the User to upload (to a
File, Database, etc) continuous Weather Data throughout the
Day/Month/Year/etc. The User could then project Daily/Seasonal/Annual/etc
Graphs for his/her local Weather.

**** W I N N E R ****
All the entries this month are excellent and I've declared a 3 way tie. I'm
sending Ethernet Demo Boards to all three contestents and
one box also has an SV-TEHS SX-DEV DEBUGGER The packages were
shuffled so luck of the draw will decide who gets it.

That is a complete $350 development system with In Circuit Debugging, an SX
52, a RealTec Embedded Ethernet Adapter, switches, lights, connectors, etc..
on a board with prototyping space. EVERYTHING needed for embedded
development with your PC.

in March the winner (and only entry) was
- John Coleman [jlsilicon
at] "ROV - Remote Operated Vehicle" entry with game boy camera and
motor controller circuits ready to add to the Ethernet Demo board. With the
embedded web server and will allow remote operation from any web browser!
Just add an 811.12 wireless Ethernet adapter and John will have a true
virtual presence from the internet.

Februarys Winner was:
- Timothy Stranex
[perspex at] Digilight computer lighting controller.

Januarys Winner was:
- the Bindicator remote
display by Timothy L. Hosey

There are no entries yet for May! Just get me some code:


For the new year, my goal is to enable YOU to get involved in SX embedded
microcontroller development especially if:

* You have worked with other microcontrollers and are looking for something
- - a bit faster ( 50-75 MIPS Not just MHz, MIPS!),
- - lower power use in low speed modes,
- - where you can watch it run (on-chip ICD),
- - and crank out new solutions with the same hardware (virtual

* You have time but not necessarily money. Students, mature kids, hobbyists,
retired persons and devoted computer enthusiasts. SX processors are one of
the lowest cost systems to get started with where you actually get a
complete and professional development environment.

* You like to learn new things but don't necessarily know anything about
computers. There is no better way to learn than to just get started...

To make this happen, starting in January 2002:

- I will give away at least one development system a month to the most
deserving applicant (in my humble opinion) who has written an original SX
program and is ready to debug it.

- I will give away Ethernet SX Stack Evaluation Kits like the ones used in
the SX FAST EMBEDDED ETHERNET contest to anyone who presents me with source
code for an SX stack application that is ready to try on the internet.

- I will answer questions, provide resources and make suggestions as

What do you have to do?

Just check out the site at and then send me comments, questions, your ideas or
the one thing I REALLY want: CODE... SX code that needs a chip to run on and
a debugger to help clean it up.

James Newton, Host of
1-619-652-0593 VM 1-208-279-8767 FAX

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