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'[SX]: Looking for recommended C Compilers fo SX pr'
2001\01\10@124313 by Alexey Vladimirov

10 Jan 01, writes to All:

ng> I checkout out your site, but I cant find an links to the hitech c
ng> compiler.

Please check

ng> I am looking for a site that gives details and pricing info on this
ng> compiler.

Hitech PICL C compiler is freeware. More details at

ng> Nothing is mentioned on the Ubicon/Scenix site about this compiler
ng> either.

Yes. Hitech Did not have native support for Ubicom microcontrollers.
You need AS2SX postprocessor for this task. You can find it at

>> You can compile files with HiTech C to AS_source, than assemble and
>> optimize it with AS2SX.
>> If you register, you can also download full SX-DEV software version from
>>, where both HiTech PICL C and AS2SX included.
>> With this system you can not only compile, but also program SX and
>> debug your application on the C source level. You can write C source
>> code, compile it, program to the target board and debug your
>> application in real-time - all within the same IDE.
>> We have some happy customers, already finished their first C projects
>> for SX.

>> One example - "TV advertising killer" - simple device, analyzing full
>> TV signal for company logo and switching off audio, when the logo
>> disappeared during the commercial break. Sorry, only Russian
>> description now:
>> However, all is clear from the photo...
>> Some technical details: SX comparator input using for 4-bit videoADC
>> (160 ns resolution time), 8x8 pixels logo mask, simple correlation
>> algorithm, up to 16 logotypes can be stored simultaneously, on-screen
>> display up to eight 8x8 symbols plus logo graphics, five control keys.
>> All is done on SX28, FM24C16 FRAM, CD4053 and LM1881 synchro separator,
>> all firmware written on C...
>> Same hardware can be used for different TV on-screen display functions,
>> real-time analyzing for video fragments (for example, in robotics
>> and security applications) and more. On SX52 also teletext and VPS
>> detection can be included, and analyzing area can be expanded up to
>> 16x16 pixels... More potential applications decribe James Newton at


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