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'[SX]: Hot new Embedded Internet chip announced by '
2000\12\04@163830 by jamesnewton

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Ubicom (formerly Scenix) has announced a hot new chip today...
...details at

"The IP2022 Internet Processor is the first member of a new family of Ubicom
Internet Processors that can be programmed, and reprogrammed, using
pre-built software modules and configuration tools to create true
single-chip solutions for a wide range of device-to-device and
device-to-human communication applications. It is optimized for Internet and
network connectivity solutions, and is ideally suited for use in the node
and bridge/gateway portions of the Internet infrastructure. The IP2022
offers substantial capabilities that are specifically intended for the
development of highly integrated connected devices, from the communication
physical layer interface through application code.

Networking Software Package
Complete end-to-end solution
Integrated all software based protocol stack and Ethernet MAC/PHY
100% RFC compliant stack
Embedded networking application layer
Stack configuration tool
Preemptive real-time operating system

Processor Performance
RISC engine core with 100 MIPs operation using 2 MHz clock input
Single-cycle instruction execution on most instructions
8x8 signed/unsigned single-cycle Multiply
3-cycle internal interrupt response, including context save

On-chip Memory
64KB (32Kx16) flash program memory
16KB (8KX16) SRAM shadow program memory
4KB SRAM data memory

General-Purpose Hardware Peripherals
Eight-channel, 10-bit ADC, 48 kHz maximum sampling rate
Differential comparator with hysteresis
Two 16-bit multi-function timers with PWM/Capture/Compare and prescalars
8-bit timer and prescalar
Real-time clock (RTC) timer with 32.767 kHz crystal input

Special Function Hardware Peripherals
Two full-duplex serializer/deserializer (SerDes) channels for 10BaseT
(MAC/PHY), USB, and other fast serial protocol support
Embedded connectivity nodes
Two channels for protocol bridging
Slave parallel/host port interface, 8/16-bit selectable for use as
communication co-processor

In-System Reprogrammability (ISP)
Hardware SPI interface for ISP
Self-programming capability via boot loading method and IWRITE and IERASE
One-voltage operation, Vpp = Vdd

Low-Power Operation
Operating voltage = 2.5V +/- 10%
Speed instruction for on-the-fly execution speed changes
Selectable clock PLL on/off
Sleep instruction for power-down with wakeup on watchdog or interrupt
RTC timer-independent operation with rest of chip powered down

52 general-purpose I/O pins
80-pin 14x20 mm PQFP package
Non-volatile data storage capability
On-chip in-system debug (ISD) support
High-quality development tool chain support from multiple 3rd party vendors:
Cygnus/Red Hat tool chain and Nohau's high-end debugger

Sample quantities of the IP2022 Internet Processor will be available in the
first quarter of 2001. Offered in an 80-pin plastic quad flatpack (PQFP)
package, pricing in quantities of 10,000 will be $13.30.

James Newton

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2000\12\04@190613 by Dan Michaels

At 01:38 PM 12/4/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Ubicom (formerly Scenix) has announced a hot new chip today...
>...details at

Far out - so they actually "are" becoming a communications
company - more than just in words - he, he.

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2000\12\04@202127 by Sean H. Breheny

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Wow, that chip sounds great! The only thing I wonder is whether many of
these new chips and software offered for embedded development are going the
way of micro$oft to some extent: creating such a complex system that it
becomes impossible for you to totally debug it. For example, preemptive
multitasking going on behind the scenes.


At 01:38 PM 12/4/00 -0800, j newton wrote:
>Preemptive real-time operating system

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