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'[SX]: [PIC]: Memory layout?'
2000\11\06@191639 by Alexey Vladimirov

06 Nov 00, writes to All:

j> Does anyone have some good ideas, doc's or samples that show more automatic
j> ways of getting the most out of the memory layout of the SX chips? Or the
j> PIC 16C5x chips?

I think, the best way - leave it for compiler and memory optimizer.
For example, AS2SX Hitech C postprocessor use very clever optimization
methods and you will get highly optimized compiled code with very small number
of PAGE and BANK commands.

Now it is possible to write programs for Scenix SX on the Hitech PIC C and
debug it on the target hardware with full C-source level support.

SX-DEV development system now integrate well-known Hitech C PICL compiler (free
version included), AS2SX postprocessor, assembler and memory optimizer and
SX-DEV in-circuit debugger/programmer with real-time module - all in one

More details and software Beta version available at

Alexey Vladimirov

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