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'[Re: Tx,, RX, TRANSCIEVER modules]'
1998\11\12@000514 by STEVE TOMES

owner-piclist@MITVMA.MIT.EDU wrote:
I've used the linx modules as well as the RFM units.

The Linx modules are good and have 8 digitally selectable channels on both
modules.  This is interesting as you could conceivably build yourself a
basic spread spectrum system. (Linx will put one out next year).  Their bit
slicing process is a bit of a pain though as you are required to train the
receiver with a preamble.  However, this is quite effective.

They are also in the process of building transceivers in the same form
factor as ONE of the modules and including spread spectrum.

RFM also has reliable units.  Their evaluation kit includes a tranceiver
board with the RX and TX hybrid packs, an audio amp, and an antenna switch.
They work quite well too, and the source code was made available to us on a
non-disclosure basis.

Both have their advantages.  I like the RFM modules because they are quite
discrete and reasonable $$.  The Linx modules are larger, and have better
range and speed characteristics, but are more $$.

I figure a guy can design his own for cheap, but unless you are building
thousands, the design costs can't be justified.  Then there is the pain of
the FCC and DOC testing.  Booking an antenna test range to do radiated
spurious responses, etc, etc, etc, etc.


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