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'[POEM] After a good Wednesday night'
1998\06\10@222356 by Mark G. Forbes

One of our contract programmers wrote this, a while back.
"Who me?"

Who? When? Where? What? It's not my fault,
If the hardware suddenly comes to a halt!
There's a dormant task? Never been woken?
Well, it's obviously a software tool that's broken.
Someone else I'll accuse, without second thought
If crap issues forth from my serial port.

I'll mutter threats, and thoughts obscene,
If the compiler does what I say, and not what I mean.
It should be a "char" not an "unsigned float"?
Well, it's buried in the memory that You overwrote.
How come it works now, and it didn't work when
I replaced a 'while' with an 'if not until then'?

I'm only supplied with broken tools,
Built by one of these incompetent fools.
It's PSOS's fault, if my comms won't start.
Well, it can't be me, I'm way too smart.
How come my Makefile won't ever make?
An act of God - it's not my mistake.

My buffers are stuffed, and my pointers all bent.
(That'd be due to the message You sent.)
Yes, that's a constant I just tried to free.
But the blame lies elsewhere, not here with me.
Probably him, or her, or possibly them, maybe.
But not me.
           Not me.
                   Not ever with me.


Mark G. Forbes, R & D Engineer  |  Acres Gaming, Inc.    (541) 766-2515
KC7LZD                          |  815 NW 9th Street     (541) 753-7524 fax                |  Corvallis, OR 97330

"There has been an alarming increase in the number of things I know nothing

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