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'[PICList] [OT] Photo Radar Buster PRB'
2000\03\31@025718 by Mark Willis

Another thought that came up while I was driving around getting the
parts for my newer faster machines, today;

Here in the US at least, Regular police officers aren't - or at least
USED to not be allowed - to radar clock every car coming past, in the
hopes of occasionally catching a speeder;  they're legally required to
exercise personal judgement, and only check those who appeared to their
calibrated eyeballs to be speeding...

It's called "Probable Cause" - They aren't allowed to just randomly pull
you over to fish for evidence that you're broken the law, they have to
have a reasonable belief that you're doing something wrong before they
pull you over.

Photo Radar/Lidar, does NOT, I suspect, address this - it just pings
until it catches someone then snaps a picture.  That's invasive of
citizens' rights IMO.  (I have yet to see a machine exercise personal

Never a speeding ticket myself, I figure the laws of physics don't
change just because I mean well & have good reflexes;  Now, if someone
is in danger, I'll definitely speed (it'll have to be something like
someone with a ruptured spleen is in the car & I'm heading for the local
hospital...  That'd motivate me.)

Another thought I had today:  A really, really good aircraft pilot is
said to be "Smooth" - i.e. he handles the aircraft quite smoothly and
competently, preventing problems instead of only reacting to them.  Same
thing goes for drivers, IMO - Kev talked about this.  Tailgaters aren't
smooth at all  <G>  You're a LOT safer inside the pack at the Indy 500,
than near a bunch of tailgating I-5 drivers who're competing for Dodo of
the Week...  (Met some of those today <G>)


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