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'[PICLIST] cheap digital freq multiplier chips'
2001\01\11@204113 by Jane Ifurung

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People, I'm planning to buy frequency multipliers
since I have a difficulty doing different circuits for
different input frequencies. I've seen some from
Engineered Components Company but they're quite some
money for me. Each cost $30. Could someone give me
some manufacturer of cheaper frequency multipliers?


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2001\01\12@053212 by Simon Nield

Cypress semiconductor do a reasonable range of pll products:
not sure if any of their parts will work down the the frequency you have though.
you could also check out Pericom:


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2001\01\12@140317 by Peter L. Peres

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I don't know what frequency you are trying to multiply, but a PLL will
always work. If the frequency is low (<5MHz) you can use a 2-chip solution
with standard CMOS parts. There are equivalents for higher frequencies of


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