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'[PICLIST] Representing Binary Numbers in mpasm'
2001\04\07@140113 by Martin McCormick

       Is there any syntax in mpasm that lets one represent a
numerical value as binary such as the 0b00000101 sort of thing
one can do in C?

       In the overall scheme of things, this is minor, but
sometimes it is handy to represent a number that way as a form of

Martin McCormick

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2001\04\07@160200 by Rodrigo Valladares P.

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ex: movlw b'11110000'






i don't known (who else matter?)

and don't forget then tag in the subject.

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De: Martin McCormick <spam_OUTmartinTakeThisOuTspamDC.CIS.OKSTATE.EDU>
Fecha: Sabado 7 de Abril de 2001 1:56 PM
Asunto: Representing Binary Numbers in mpasm

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2001\04\07@181637 by Douglas Wood

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Yes. Reading the MPASM manual, you'll find the following:

H'<hex digits>' or 0x<hex digits> represent hexadecimal numbers
B'<binary digits>' represent binary numbers
<decimal digits> (assuming the default radix is set to decimal) or
D'<decimal digits> represent decimal numbers
O'<octal digits>' represent octal numbers
A'<characters>' or '<characters>' represent ASCII characters

Douglas Wood
Software Engineer

Home of the EPICIS Development System for the PIC and SX

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2001\04\07@215017 by Martin McCormick

       I want to thank everybody who answered my question today
and take even more band width on this busy list to apologize a
little bit.

       The version of mpasm I use is the DOS version from 1996
which I downloaded from the Mchip web site a few years ago.  I
got the readme.asm file which is actually release notes and
forgot that I have yet another directory with an older version of
mpasm and the mpasm.txt file which is the documentation that
several of you reminded me about.  So, thank you all for the
information and for jogging my memory that there is complete
documentation.  I simply did a global search for mpasm*.* and
there it was.  I just forgot that I had it.

       I have been on this list since about 1994 or 95 and it is
a great list.  Thanks for being nice about this.

Martin McCormick

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