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PICList Thread
'[PICLIST] [The value of a donation]'
2001\04\28@221212 by Jose S. Samonte Jr.

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I'm also a poor college student, that's why I hoped to get the free PICSTART.

Anyway, I'm still thankful to most people here in the PICLIST, if not all.

"Alexandre Domingos F. Souza" <spam_OUTtaitoTakeThisOuTspamTERRA.COM.BR> wrote:
       Well people, let's talk about an interesting subject

       We that works with electronics, are used to "collect" junk. Every kind
of junk. Since components, to books and test equipment. Myself, have an HP
Oscilator (1MHz) stored in "the limbo" since I've built my function generator.
The act of Roman Black today of giving away an equipment for someone who
**really** needs it for free, should be remembered and followed by us. Even
the poorest man has something to give. Why not join forces togheter, and help
students and hobbysts from third world countries, to get quality equipment and
components? One 16F84 will be missed in your component stock? This "one piece"
may be all the diference for a third worlder. Milan Pavlica remembered us
today "...Dont need to remember on our 10yrs sanction and a few wars...Poor
enough :(", don't you think we SHOULD help? Will it cost too much to us? Maybe
that servian, croatian, yuguslavian friend would LOVE to have an MAX038 to
build a function generator? That 10MHz all-tube scope that's used as a
doorstep would be THE scope for someone that never could buy one.

       These are things we should think. Could be ourselves. I'm strange to
say, because I'm a poor third worlder. But think if you cannot get some unused
and forgotten thing, and give it away to someone that needs. That's not a
shame. That's an act of charity.

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