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PICList Thread
'[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: General list etiquette'
2002\02\17@142455 by Dale Botkin


Just a reminder for those of you who have been here for a long time, and
just some tips for newcomers to the list:

1.)  Please, PLEASE pay attention to topic tags!!  If you're going to post
something off topic, make sure it's tagged as [OT]:.  Topic tags have to
be exactly as shown!  Square brackets, colon following, all caps.
Nothing else works.  Valid tags are [PIC]:, [SX]:, [AVR]:, [EE]:, [OT]:,
[AD]:, and [BUY]:.  Use one, and ONLY ONE topic tag per post.  If a thread
drifts off topic, change the tag.  Only YOU can prevent mis-tagged posts.
If you don't follow these simple rules, the list server will gripe at you,
I will probably gripe at you, and others may as well.  Thank you.

2.)  Don't email people for help off-list unless they have indicated that
they are willing to have you do so.  Many people on the list do not have
the time to be tutors or unpaid consultants.  Some do, and welcome your
questions.  Don't assume one or the other.

3.)  Read the manual/datasheet and the list FAQ before posting to make
sure your question hasn't been answered weekly since before clay tablets
were invented.  If you've read the FAQ and the documentation, your
question has been asked and answered, and you still don't understand it,
go ahead and ask for clarification - but mention you've read the docs and
still don't get it.

4.)  The list server automatically appends a short message to the end of
each post.  You're welcome to use a signature file, but PLEASE keep it
short.  Common netiquette indicates a 4-line sig is quite enough.  If your
sigfile is longer than the average post, either omit it or shorten it.

5.)  If you disagree with something that has been posted, please email the
list admin (that would be me).  Don't bitch about it on the list and
contribute to the problem.  Thanks.

6.)  If you find you have had your options set to NOMAIL, meaning you will
not receive PICLIST posts, please don't get all offended and email me in a
huff.  I don't do it just to irritate people, and I don't do it to people
I don't like.  I only do that when I get bounced messages from your mail
server (usually due to your mailbox being full).

7.)  When replying to a message, please delete old sig lines and other
unneeded stuff from the original.  Only quote what is needed to figure out
what you're talking about.  In other words, a reply with two lines of your
text and two dozen lines of others' text needs to be trimmed.

8.)  Post your questions, your answers, code snippets, neat stuff you've
done or discovered, and generally share your PICish interests with the
list - we all enjoy it!

Have a great day,
"Curiosity is the very basis of education and if you tell me that
curiosity killed the cat, I say only the cat died nobly."
         - Arnold Edinborough

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2002\02\17@152847 by michael brown

Sorry bout that everybody, I was so busy counting F's that I didn't see the
obvious.  (Ahh...if only I were a genius at topic tags)  ;-D  Now I'm not
sure if I'm supposed to leave the ADMIN topic in now for my statement of
contrition.  I looked at the FAQ and it only says that ADMIN posts get
re-directed to the topic tag ALL.  :-(  If I change it to OT now, then
no-one will see my confession, so here goes anyhow.  Sorry again.

Michael Brown
Instant Net Solutions

"In the land of the blind, he who has one eye is king"

{Original Message removed}

2002\02\17@160717 by steve

> Valid tags are [PIC]:, [SX]:, [AVR]:, [EE]:, [OT]:, [AD]:, and [BUY]:.

[ADMIN]:  ?


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