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'[PIC]Programming failure with ICD2'
2006\02\07@204137 by Frank T. Dai

I'm prototyping with a 18f452 on a solderless breadboard, but the ICD2
never recognizes the PIC chip("cannot validate target device").

ICD2 passes the self test, I'm providing power to all of the Gnd/Vdd
pins, and I've provided an external clock source of 4MHz through a
function generator.

Are there any gotchas you guys can think of? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Frank Dai

2006\02\07@204943 by andrew kelley

picon face
DT/CK must be connected too..


2006\02\07@213744 by Tom Sefranek

face picon face
You can not have ANY capacitors to ground on the MCLR, PGC, PGD pins.
Resistances greater than 10K are permitted.
You do NOT need a clock for programming, but it is necessary for debugging.

Frank T. Dai wrote:

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