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'[PIC] something else'
2006\02\19@194955 by kerri

> >Secondly, what is the recommended procedure with unused pins, to
> >leave them alone, or to connect them to gnd or something, don't they
> >have a week pull up/down internally anyway?
> >
> >
> Assign unused pins as OUTPUTS usually at GND level. You can assign a
> weak pullup,
> but they are normally just floating...

I have just looked in the bootloader, this is a good sample to go by, right?
well, they have not changed all the pins to input, they only changed 4 to
output, which re d1-d4, and also, they changed some pins to input, which
is strange,because they should be inputs anyway. Then in one place they
notice it and rem it out "it is already one bla bla" - inconsistent style?

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