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'[PIC] Table organizing'
2006\02\08@195904 by andrew kelley

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or you can go
movlw d'11' ;decimal 11

> Maybe you are doing what I just did.  Having the assembler in HEX  and
> > thinking 11 is eleven.
> That's why I always always set the radix to decimal and use 0xNN notation
> for hex numbers.


2006\02\08@202937 by Byron A Jeff

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On Wed, Feb 08, 2006 at 07:59:03PM -0500, andrew kelley wrote:
> or you can go
> movlw d'11' ;decimal 11

Of course you can. The problem is that most humans think in decimal.
You're fighting nature when the default radix is anything other than

Setting the default to hex was one really bad move.

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