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'[PIC] Request for help'
2011\09\09@004721 by IVP

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Forwarding this request on to the list

Paid work

>From an acquaintance in Brisbane Australia. I *could* do it, having
done similar with PIC-controlled RF comms, but I'm just snowed
under with other things

Anyone who can help, please contact Vince


Vince's request -

I have 2 sets of radiometrix RX2 / TX2 sets which have RSSI and
can communicate up to 200m at 9600bps. What I need is programming
using Netduino , Arduino , or whatever

and creating a circuit that works. I know RF is tricky and there
needs to ensure the right power, good connections, length of cable
runs, antenna selection etc to get the best result.

There also needs a radio dialogue between the 2 prototypes, i.e.
creating a protocol for messaging with hooks that a RX unit will
recognise, then ensuring the correct sync so that the RX unit can
read the data sent by the TX unit. There is no 2-way communication
so needs to be a listening proces

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