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'[PIC] Oscillator Drift was Re: [PIC] Stimulus file'
2006\09\01@103919 by Bob Axtell

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Maarten Hofman wrote:
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I experimented with the PIC12C672 timer for UART purposes. What I found
was that the timer was
faster at first then slowed down, on a cycle that seemed to be about
f/20. What that meant was that at
19.2kb it wasn't useable, but at 1200 it worked OK, because the cycle
was smoothed out.

But there is a better way to do it; use Manchester coding, which is not
dependent on precise timing. I
can send and receive this type of transmission at 2x or 1/2x of the
intended speed and I have no problem
reading the data. I now use this for all non-UART serial schemes.


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