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'[PIC] MPLAB simulator Problem'
2003\06\10@021439 by Reinaldo Alvares

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Hello, I've been trying without success to set up and run the File Stimulus to
trigger on PC event and Cycle event in the Simulator Stimulus.
I tried version 6.13, 6.20 and 6.22 without success. The Pin Stimulus on the other hand works as advertised.
I read all the readme files accompanying the MPLAB environment but didn't find anything. I followed the tutorial that's included with the MPLAB help file, but then again it didn't work. I ran it in two different PCs both with Win2k. Is there any settings not documented in the help file that I'm missing? The Ssti file contains the following info
1;PC; 0019;unchecked;Pin:RA0;0;*_*
I didn't make any changes to this file outside the Simulator editor as Microchip recommended. I simulate all my codes extensively before burning the chip. Sometimes pin stimulus is not enough, so it would be good to have this
feature of the simulator working now.
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Best regards

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