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'[PIC] 18F458 CAN dead in the water'
2003\04\21@231502 by Erik Kauppi

Hello all, very occasional poster de-lurking now
to ask a question.  I searched the archives, there
is clearly CAN knowlege on this list but nobody
posted "the gotcha is...".

I've been trying to get the CAN module going on an 18F458
for a week with no success.  Have tried writing my own,
and tried several of the code examples from Microchip ap
notes with no luck.  It must be something stupid, some
register that's set wrong or summat.  But I sure can't find it!
Very frustrating  because usually the Microchip
peripherals are pretty straight forward.

We do have a MCP2510 eval board and that's working fine
with 16F876 that it came with, so we have a way to send things
to the 18F and listen to it.  But the 18F hears garbage at best
and won't send at all.  Even tried swapping out the 18F in
desparation, of course that wasn't it.

Any suggestions?  Or if somebody has a simple piece of 18F
CAN code that is tested and works, that I could use as an
example, that would be super.  It could do almost anything,
short and simple is good.  C or asm is fine.  Once I have
a working example I can run with it, but right now that first
step is a big one!

Thanks for your consideration.

---- Erik Kauppi (734) 761-1545 ---
---- Corsa data acquisition:

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2003\04\22@082546 by Bob Ammerman

picon face
Microchip has a new software tool, "Application Maestro" which will generate
the basic CAN code for you.



Bob Ammerman
RAm Systems

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