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'[PIC] A dsPIC30F programming question'
2006\01\26@123533 by John Nall

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I'm working on my translator, to translate 18F452 assembly language to
ds30F assembly language.  It is coming along fairly well, and up to this
point I have been able to do a one-to-one mapping.  However, I've hit a
snag with the 452's CPFSEQ instruction, which does not seem to have an
equivalent single instruction on the 30F.

On the 18F452 you use the instruction "cpfseq  f-address" which causes a
compare of (f-address) with (WREG) and a skip if they are equal.  About
all that I can come up with for the 30F is to replace it with two
instructions.  Am I missing something?

The  two instructions that I am replacing it with are (1)  mov  
f-address,W1, (2) cpseq W1,WREG

This is not too bad -- the 452 code is not going to be using W1, so I
can use it freely without hurting anything.  But if there is a way to do
it with just one instruction, I would rather do that.


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