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'[PIC] : Strangeness in programming PIC'
2006\03\13@032912 by kravnus wolf

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I had a weird experience last nite...... here goes. I
completed building my ICD2 clone. Fix the stability
with RS-232 communication and made SURE that the
target had 4.5-5.5 for operational mode and 13v for
programming. But the biggest mystery is it did not
detect my PIC 16F873A chips........

MPLAB reported that it could not detect the uC device
id........ Fortunately it detected one of my PIC
16F873A chips......... The only difference was that it
was programmed on my PICStart Plus. After placing my
OTHER chips into my PICStart Plus and erased it then
my ICD2 started to recognize the chip and started to
program it............ prior to that I may have not
applied the correct voltage sequence to my other
chips.  Any clue on this mystery? it looks like ICD2
needs a device id which sounds sensible but WHY in the
first place did my chip's id GO MISSING?????


To tired to think creatively for an answer.zzzzzzzzz...........

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2006\03\13@044920 by Wouter van Ooijen

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> I had a weird experience last nite...... here goes.

for all weird exeperiences:
1. not been smoking anything?
2. did you pull the LVP pin low?

Wouter van Ooijen

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2006\03\13@053350 by kravnus wolf

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for a quick answer
1) smoking the zener diode........
2) made sure that LVP was not low :)


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2006\03\13@090841 by Bob Axtell

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Since you said you'd just gotten thru creating your clone
ICD2, it sounds a bit like one of the procedures (such as
VPP on/VDD on, etc) isn't working right. Might want to 'scope
your signals to the PGD/PGC/VPP/VDD pins of the F873A.


kravnus wolf wrote:

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2006\03\13@113736 by kravnus wolf

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Just a theoratical question.... It is possible
to screw up all the data from memory to device id
with the "wrong" voltage? What I mean is that during
my building of the ICD2 clone just maybe the voltage
for MCLR screwed up the data in the PIC?


PS: still collecting cash for TDS1002. very expensive
over in Malaysia.......

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2006\03\14@085222 by Michael Rigby-Jones

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>for a quick answer
>1) smoking the zener diode........
>2) made sure that LVP was not low :)

You MUST pull the LVP pin low, preferably via a resistor (1k-10k should be fine).



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2006\03\14@203116 by kravnus wolf

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Thanks Michael I was confused with the LVP pin


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